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HaterSlay Beat Quencher™
Premium One-shot Drum Sounds
Micro Pack

Fresh Drum Synthesis

100+ Percussion Sounds

Alternative to Splice or Loopmasters

DAW/Hardware Friendly

Want unique high quality percussion sounds designed for impact?

HaterSlay Beat Quencher™ empowers you to enhance your sound, by infusing your music with consistently tight and punchy drums.

Access over 105 meticulously engineered
Synthesized using a variety of methods including:
  • Physical Modelling Synthesis
  • Frequency Modulation Synthesis
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • Phase Modulation Synthesis 
  • Processed with high-end analogue hardware

This is one of the few drum kit sound packs on the market which haven't truncated or clipped the precious transients of the percussion sounds during recording! this results in a super clean and detailed one-shot sound.

Play Hard and Work Fast

The sounds are tagged with their Musical Root Key/Note so that you can conveniently pitch the percussion hit to fit any scale or mode straight away in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or Hardware Sampler

The Deal

Lifetime access to HaterSlay 1: One-shot Audio Drum Sample Micro-pack

105 Percussion Samples

24 Bit, 96Khz .WAV Files

Compatible with all major DAW's and Hardware Samplers and Sequencers

One time purchase of
$100| $150

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  • 1xHaterSlay Beat Quencher 1 Premium Audio Drum Samples Micropack$100

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Questions & Answers
"Where are the sounds from and are they royalty free?"

All of the sounds are 100% original and created from scratch and I give you a pretty wide range to do as you wish with the HaterSlay Beat Quencher™ Percussion Micropack Audio Drum Sound Samples.
As an owner you can:
-Download All the Sounds
-Edit/Modify downloaded Sounds

-Freely Mix and Match Sounds and Record your own drum loops for your productions

-Post/Print/Publish downloaded Sounds as part of complete pieces of music
I'm granting you a revocable, exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide right and license to the HaterSlay Beat Quencher™ Micro-pack for your personal or professional music production use.
However, there are a few things you CANNOT do with the HaterSlay Beat Quencher™ sounds:
You cannot transfer or sell the individual or combined, unaltered or altered sounds or your license to another person or party. That's it.

Sound Designer

Data Sheet (.PDF 4.65MB)