TRADE OS (Trade Operating Strategies/Operating System)

Trade OS is a business operationalisation and systemisation subscription service, which includes 'done for you' content authoring. Prices start at $30,000 per month and promise to enable businesses to grow quickly and provide greater value to customers while automating redundant aspects of a business, saving time, streamlining resources and money. The Trade OS service is particularly adept with designing franchise systems and profit models, providing entrepreneurs with organisational transformation and the structures needed to expand sustainably.

Instruction & Learning Captured 
Digital Presence

Clientele choose from items from three menu's depending on client priorities. These business operations include; 

Lead generation and fulfilment systems and automation

Valid and reliable Training, Assessment and Quality Control systems and automation (codification)

Standards certification incl (Environmentally & Economically Sustainable and Socio-ethical community conscious) Noise Audit, Decision Hygiene, Ethically Sound

From these three categorical Trade OS menus, each month, you and your team can choose from any number of items, which are components of systems for implementation in your business. Once requested, we design, develop and author the requested systems documentation on demand. You can order any combination of items from the menu each month. Here are all the included menu items your organisation can select from;

Lead generation and fulfilment systems and automation

Content Management Systems Frameworks & Checklists

Customer Acquisition Checklists

Customer Booking and Payment Automation Websites

Valid and reliable Training, Assessment and Quality Control systems and automation (codification)

Product/Service Quality Assurance Checklists 

Employee/Franchisee Training and Instructional Manuals

Business Operations Manuals 

Employee Training & Performance Assessment Checklists

Standards Certification

Environmentally & Economically Sustainability (Green Certification)

Socio-ethical Certification (Community Conscious) 

Low Waste and Zero Waste Certification (Recycling/Resource Optimisation) 

Eval Precis (Valid & Reliable Evaluation Certification)

Systems design has grown more complex as our needs have evolved. Business systems of late were relatively inefficient. The wave of Machine Learning (ML) and so called Artificial Intelligence (AI) have facilitated greater volume and sophistication in productivity and efficiency. Business needs have grown exponentially because clients have become more refined in their choices for quality service, products, and care. 

Trade OS Organised and automated systems mean teams and enterprising individuals can leverage the new technology stacks which power successful businesses which provide value. Overall, we're always striving to provide better service. To do that, we as business people require streamlined workflows and robust and efficient systems for handling our clients' needs. 

We develop and implement advanced Trade OS automations and commercial capabilities with you, all impeccably documented and accessible in any media format required. Support more clients, more easily, more often, and better, while saving money.

Marketing & Lead generation

Prospective customers on-tap, while you sleep. We give you marketing plans and content

Private and Safe 

Your operations securely locked down

Operational Documentation

Everything Tracked and Accounted. Bring the joy back into customer service

Trade OS™$30000

Questions Answered
  • What results can we expect?
    Naturally, results may vary. All our services and products are for educational purposes. Get your own legal and financial advice from a competent and licensed advisor with a track record of achieving what you are seeking to accomplish in their respective fields of interest. Exercise due diligence.
  • Are there any other options on the monthly fee?
    Yes. We do accept equity shares in businesses. These lower the total or initial costs of the service in exchange with an equity share or partnership agreement. Let us know and we'll send you a coupon code for reduced fees after you've signed an agreement. 6 month minimum contract.
  • How does this work, what's the process?
    After payment is made, we will share three to-do lists with you which you can access from your phone or computer. From that list, you will select each month which documentation, content or website/digital system you want for your business. When a task is being done it will be moved to the 'in progress' list. When it is done it will be delivered and attached to the list for you to download, or encrypted if private. Those completed items will be moved to the 'completed' list once done. Every month you're billed the monthly fee and you select what you want done and it gets done within 72 hours or within 24 hours if you've upgraded to the 'mission critical' package. Within reason, you can do this as often as you need.

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  • Trade OS™$30000
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  • $30000

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Trade OS™$30000